Jet air hoist

The most advanced lever hoists in the market featuring overload protection, the fused brake system and the offset handle design increases job site safety.

JET L-100 Series hand chain hoist integrates safety, durability and innovation enabling it to operate in the most demanding industrial environments..

JET Lifting Systems are comprised of manual and electric hoists and accessories. JET has hand chain hoists, lever operated chain hoists, electric chain hoists, and electric beam trolleys. If your looking for quality and dependability, choose JET Lifting Systems. All products follow OSHA, ANSI / ASME standards and are designed and engineered in the U.S.A.

Air-Dock has sold thousands of boat lifts throughout the world since 1999. Our inflatable floating boat lifts hoist boats as small as personal water-craft and as large as 18,000 pounds and performance boats up to 51 feet long.

A boat hoist will keep your hull clean. Algae growth on the gelcoat of your boat hull not only looks unsightly but can permanently stain the boat reducing its resale value. Algae growth can also reduce your top speed by 10 mph and it will greatly reduce your gas mileage.

The Air-Dock floating inflatable boat lift is a great low cost solution to hull maintenance problems, especially in shallow or deep water, fresh or salt water. Thousands of Air-Dock customers worldwide are enjoying the ease and simplicity of this affordable inflatable floating boat lift solution.