Jet performance mass air flow sensors

One of the easiest ways to get more power from your engine is to dump the OE air filter and air intake system and replace them with high-flow aftermarket parts. Factory systems are designed with priorities other than performance, like low intake noise and cost. As a result, most vehicles come from the factory with restrictive air boxes and intake tubes, and cheap paper air filters. Choose a system from our vast selection and make your engine come alive.

An inexpensive way to start is just by replacing that paper air filter. It filters the air OK, but the small passages are very restrictive, and as dirt builds up, flow gets even worse. A typical aftermarket performance air filter has several layers of filtration material like cotton gauze, which traps dirt without restricting airflow. What’s more, aftermarket filters can be cleaned and reused, so you get increased engine power and save money to boot.

But to really get an increase in airflow, you need to increase the size of the air filter. The typical conical air filter that is included with an aftermarket performance air intake is not only made of better material, it is larger and has much greater surface area than the OE filter, for much greater airflow. An economical way to get the benefits of a larger filter is with one of our kits that attaches the filter to a flexible, universal intake tube, or attaches it to the factory air intake tube. The next step up to greater airflow is to replace that restrictive OE air intake tube.

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This page is the leading online resource for plans and information on working miniature jet turbine engine plans and instructions. There is a Free Jet Turbine Engine Plan Set with 3d files and other links to proven working Jet Turbine Engine Plans, along with building and running Instructions.

The plans are of models that are generally regarded as obsolete in the rc jet world, but they are an ideal starter if you wish to make your own jet engine

I purchased "Gas Turbine Engines for Model Aircraft" by Kurt Schreckling, ISBN 0951058916 Traplet Publications - all you need to start.